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If you were looking for an exciting place to play paintball you are at the right place. We have a very unique array of scenarios and fields perfect for anyone who loves paintball. Each field is has a different ambiance which require a complete set of skills and techniques.

Fort Massacre

his new fort is 15.000 sq/ft enclosed by a 6ft fence with only two main entrances guarded by 2 towers and a connecting bridge on both of them. The fort is our most difficult course and very challenging to even the most advanced players. It consists of 14 buildings in total all at ground level with the exception of the 4 watch towers and a center 3 floor bell tower that watches over the whole fort and beyond.
Just as we did at paintsburgh city, the fort is going to be illuminated for night games. This new complex now brings a whole new set of excitement to our field especially for new missions and scenarios!

Paintsburgh City

This field consists of a “faux” 20.000+ square feet city with a number of buildings including: houses, a police station, a car shop, an embassy, a bank, a school, a hotel, a park, a motel, cars, a school bus, boats and more. Each building consists of several rooms with doors and window openings to provide a realistic urban setting.
One of our best features is that our city is fully illuminated from the streets to all the buildings providing a perfect scenario for night training. Different buildings also include different features such as watch towers, prison jails, strobe lights and sound systems.

Death Valley POW Hills

Connected to Paintsburgh city we have a POW camp (work in progress at the moment) that is mainly a woodsball field with several scattered bunker hideouts.

Hyper I

Is our large Hyper field which combines not only the features of a hyperball field but also the features of a woodsball field.

Hyper II

This is a very clean and fun hyperball field, favorite to many players (specially to those speedball lovers). It consists of a very symmetrically arranged set of pipe and cable reel bunkers.

Oktar Woods

For those who love the woods, we have a perfect place for you to practice your sniper abilities and show off your ghillie suits. Our woodsball field consists of a large area rich in vegetation and some strategically placed bunkers. We are currently working on building 4 bases to enhance your woodsball experience.

Speed Madness

For those who are crazy about a fast and intense game of paintball or love to play tournaments we have a State-of-the-Art Turf Speedball Field with the 2013 PSP regulation bunkers.
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